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Active Playtime – Simple Games for Kids

2016-03-29 by Melissa & Doug

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Sometimes kids get so full of energy that they’ll suddenly drop whatever they’re doing, to go run and jump around. That urge to get up and move can happen anywhere, and at any time.

Active Play Time Simple Games for Kids

Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or around town, these simple games for kids from our Blog Ambassador Valerie of Inner Child Fun can help kids (and even grown-ups) get the wiggles out! All it takes is a few kid-size activity cones, a couple flying disks, plus lots of giggles and smiles.

Click here to check out Valerie’s complete post, with 6 simple games for kids:

  • DIY Flying Disk Golf Course: A game of skill for two or more players, who try to hit a series of targets on the ground.
  • Carnival Game: Two or more players take turns trying to knock down the pieces of a tower.
  • Lily Pad Landing Strip: Have fun drawing lily pads with sidewalk chalk and writing a number in each one, then let the players try to earn points by landing a flying disk on the numbered lily pads.
  • Lady Bug Toss: An interactive game of teamwork and eye/hand coordination.
  • Flying Disk Tic Tac Toe: An athletic version on everyone’s favorite classic game!
  • Distance Throw: This sounds simple, and it is, until you add in an extra physical challenge that Valerie suggests. Maybe you can even make up some extra challenges of your own!

Active Play Time Simple Games for Kids

It’s amazing how many really fun these simple games for kids can be, when played using a flying disk and a few activity cones. Kids who are ready to explore these simple games will have a great time! In fact, once they get going, they may even invent their own creative games and challenges.

To help keep the family moving, grab your flying disk and try out the six exciting get-up-and-go activities you’ll find in Valerie’s complete post. Share your own simple games or creative twists that you invent with us on Instagram, using the hashtags #TakeBackChildhood #CountlessWaysToPlay #MelissaAndDoug.



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