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Give Your Kids the GIFT of GRANDMA TIME

2014-03-21 by Melissa & Doug

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child and grandma

What childhood memories do you have of time spent with your Nana? (Or Gammy or Mimsy or insert adorable pet name you had for your grandma here.) Are your children creating everyday lasting memories with their grandma? Or do they only see her on special occasions?

Well, prepare to be INSPIRED by this real-life heart-warming story of one fun-loving grandma who is embracing her inner child and “ROYALLY CONNECTING” with her granddaughter in a way neither of them will ever forget.

Many thanks to Andrea Romano Smith for sharing her touching story with us…

* * *

As a child, Andrea spent any weekends her parents would allow her to at her grandma’s house. Together, they’d shop, go out to lunch, and have a wonderful time just enjoying each other’s company. As the only girl in the family, with four brothers (and one with severe special needs), Andrea treasured the undivided attention and love she received from her grandma.

Her bond with her grandma remained strong over the years — as a teenager, as a young adult, and then as a mother herself. Andrea and her young daughter, Nikaela, would travel EVERY FRIDAY to visit her grandma who lived in a retirement village about an hour away so they could spend some quality time with her.

grandma reading

Andrea wished that her grandma lived closer so they could visit with her more often. She looked into the options and was able to move her grandmother to a retirement village just 3 miles from her family’s front door. They were elated and visited her nearly every day. Life was good!

Then came the news…

Due to his job requirements, Andrea’s husband had been asked to move from Ohio to Tennessee. After much soul-searching and many tears, the family decided they would make the move.

Andrea simply couldn’t imagine leaving without her grandma, so they decided to move her right along with them!

Now Mimi (as little Nikaela calls her) lives with Andrea’s family and can be part of their activities and conversations each and every day.

Mimi doesn’t handle the stairs outside very well, so to keep busy indoors, she colors… With Nikaela. With Andrea. And sometimes just by herself (see below).

grandma coloring

Coloring has become her favorite thing to do to pass the time.

At times, she even plays dress-up with Nikaela and they pretend to be princesses as they color together on their Melissa & Doug Princess & Fairy Coloring Pad.

grandma coloring

In fact, Mimi quickly colored every page in the book and moved right on to another!

She even began framing some of her favorite pages to send to her other grandchildren to keep in touch. And she sent them each some Melissa & Doug coloring pads for them to color their favorite pages and send back to her.

coloring pads

Andrea is so proud and touched to watch her daughter’s relationship with — and love for — her great-grandma grow every day. They’ve become truly inseparable BEST BUDDIES!

grandma and girl

We hope that you find that one special activity that brings GENERATIONS together for your own family.

How are YOUR little ones creating everyday memories with their Grandma or Grandpa these days? Share your story and photos with us on our Facebook page. Inspire other parents with your own great ideas for multi-generational FUN.

* * *

“Thank you, once again, for providing such amazingly wonderful and affordable products for ALL ages and for the limitless hours of fun and creative play you’ve provided me and my 5-year-old daughter, Nikaela. We’re buying more coloring books to give as gifts (and to keep back for when Grandma runs out)! I hope you enjoy our story and our photos.” —Andrea Romano Smith

Here’s hoping you, your kids — and EVEN GRANDMA — find time for someCreative Play — Every Day.


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