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The 10 Best Arts & Crafts Toys for Kids

2020-07-15 by Melissa & Doug
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Summer is here! But with many camps canceled and activities limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking for ways for kids to have fun and practice their creativity. Here are some of our favorite arts & crafts toys that will inspire kids to use their imagination and create! Find even more of the best arts & crafts here for babies, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, and up!

  1. Doodle Paper Pad


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: With this conveniently sized (6 x 9 in) premium white bond paper pad, it’s easy to sketch, paint or doodle. Suitable for crayons, markers, chalk, watercolor or poster paints, or, of course, a pencil.
    Sweet Detail: Great for travel! Smaller size is easy to take along in a backpack or carry-on bag.
    Skills at Play: Imaginative thinking, fine motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Try to draw a picture without lifting your crayon from the page!

  2. ABC-123 Dot-to-Dot Coloring Pad — Wild Animals


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Follow the alphabet or numbers to connect the dots and reveal 40 wild animals in their native habitats! Kids three and older can color in the completed pictures, and learn the names of the revealed creatures from the illustrations on the back of the pad. The number pages increase in difficulty, challenging kids three and older to advance from 1-25 to 1-50.
    Sweet Detail: Each partially colored page also features a seek-and-find activity with a different animal that’s native to the same habitat, making this a multi-activity pad that’s filled with fun and learning opportunities!
    Skills at Play: Planning and sequencing, problem solving
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Color in one of the completed pages, turn it over and write a note on it, and then mail it to a friend or family member that you have been missing lately!

  3. Drawing Paper Pad


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: This generously sized (9 x 12 in) drawing pad provides a clean sheet for every creative whim. An essential art supply, our premium white bond paper is ideal for pencils, crayons, markers, chalk, poster paints or watercolor artwork.
    Sweet Detail: Larger size pages are the perfect “canvas” for little artists
    Skills at Play: Imaginative thinking, fine motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Make different kinds of paper airplanes and then have a paper airplane throwing competition!

  4. Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Inspire endless creativity with this double-sided tabletop easel, featuring a magnetic dry-erase board on one side, and a chalkboard on the other. The included paper-roll holder with a paper guide and tear-bar accommodates 12-inch paper rolls and adds even more ways to create masterpieces! The deluxe set comes with a dry-erase marker and felt eraser, five colored chalk sticks, a 50-foot-long paper roll, 36 letter and number magnets, and an art supply tray.
    Sweet Detail: The sturdy wooden easel folds flat for handy storage.
    Skills at Play: Imaginative thinking, fine motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Take this out for family game night and fire up a game of Pictionary, taking turns drawing pictures and having others guess what they are.

  5. Reusable Sticker Pad — Farm


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Fill the five reusable scenes with more than 280 cling-style stickers, and create your own barnyard adventures! To set the scene and spur the imagination, five glossy, full-color backgrounds (Pasture, Barnyard, Garden, Barn Interior, Farmers Market) feature lots of space to play creatively. They pull out cleanly too – so this cool set is easy to share.
    Sweet Detail: The colorful, kid-friendly stickers (for ages three and older), are organized by scene, stick easily, pull up cleanly, and can be used again and again to keep bringing farm adventures to life.
    Skills at Play: Imaginative thinking, fine motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Add a little “memory game” into the sticker pad cleanup process by placing all of the stickers back in the places you picked them from!

  6. Paint With Water Kids Art Pad — Fairies, Animals, and more


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: A special paint palette is embedded right in the pages of this all-inclusive art activity. With a cup of water and the included paintbrush, beginning painters can get instant rewards – with no messy paint spills!
    Sweet Detail: It’s currently 50% off retail price (in our Outlet Shop!)
    Skills at Play: Imaginative thinking, fine motor development, hand-eye coordination
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Take this activity outside to get kids inspired by what they see out in the natural world! Hang your completed pictures up in a display to give passer-byers a mini art show to enjoy.

  7. Created by Me! Flower Magnets Wooden Craft Kit


    Age: 4+
    Why It’s Great: Add your unique personal touches to four wooden flower magnets to make original crafts inspired by you and your imagination! This all-inclusive kit includes four three-dimensional flower magnets in different designs, four pots of paint, a paintbrush, 12 gem stickers, and glitter glue to add extra sparkle. Fun for kids four and older to do on their own or with friends.
    Sweet Detail: These magnets are also great for making special keepsakes or gifts.
    Skills at Play: Concentration, fine motor skills
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: FRIDGE FLOWERS: Cut out paper stems and leaves and stick to the fridge with magnets to make a bouquet.

  8. Pets Stamp Set


    Age: 4+
    Why It’s Great: Help a child’s creativity gallop free with this Pets Wooden Stamp Set, featuring a dog, a cat, a bunny, a turtle, a horse, and more kid favorites.
    Sweet Detail: The durable two-color stamp pad, five colored pencils, and nine detailed stamps are all conveniently and neatly contained in a sturdy wooden box.
    Skills at Play: Creativity, fine motor skills
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Turn it into a numbers game by writing a list of numbers 1-10, and stamping the right number of stamps next to each number!

  9. Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Plane


    Age: 4+
    Why It’s Great: Get ready to jet off for aerial adventures with this easy-to-assemble wooden plane model. Includes wooden plane, wheels, axle, paint, paintbrush, glue, and aviation-themed stickers so young pilots’ creativity can fly high! Plane measures approximately 4″ long.
    Sweet Detail: Easy to assemble and personalize, this makes the perfect party favor and activity!
    Skills at Play: Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Make up your plane’s story! Where is its main airport? Where does it fly to? What is the captain’s name who flies it? Create a world for your plane to live in!

  10. Dinosaurs Alphabet Coloring Pad


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: From Apatosaurus to Zuniceratops, this is a creative way to learn not only the alphabet, but dinosaur names, too! It’s so much fun to identify the animals, trace the letters, color in the pictures, and build early-literacy skills in a creative new way!
    Sweet Detail: Perfect for tabletop coloring with crayons, markers, pencils, or paints, the easy-to-remove pages each feature a letter of the alphabet, along with color-in dinosaurs to illustrate its sound.
    Skills at Play: Fine motor skills, early literacy skills
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Turn the finished pages into masks and take on the persona of the dinosaur! What does it sound like? How big is it?

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