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Tips for National Day of Unplugging

2021-03-05 by Melissa & Doug
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Are you ready to celebrate National Day of Unplugging? That’s the 24-hour period during the first weekend in March when families are encouraged to take a break from their phones, tablets, televisions, and other devices. We can do this!

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24 Ways to Unplug and Enjoy a Screen-Free 24 Hours This Weekend!

  1. Have an indoor campout
  2. Make up a nonsense language and label items around the house
  3. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
  4. Host a family dance party
  5. Create an indoor obstacle course
  6. Create a gallery of kid art
  7. Show kids how to play your favorite childhood game
  8. Go on a family bike ride
  9. Fly a kite
  10.  Make paper airplanes
  11.  Create a pretend store, stock it, and shop it
  12. Go on an A to Z scavenger hunt, looking for items that start with each letter
  13. Have a fancy day – talk fancy, wear fancy clothes, eat fancy foods
  14. Give kids assorted ingredients and challenge them to come up with a concoction
  15. Make paper flower bouquets
  16. Collect and paint rocks
  17. Start a collection (pretty pebbles, bottle caps)
  18. Transform a cardboard box
  19. Cook a family meal together
  20. Have an indoor family picnic on a blanket
  21. Stock a dress-up bin, then see how many characters you can come up with
  22. Create your own restaurant (complete with name, menu and decor)
  23. Create, color, and mail a greeting card
  24. Do a blindfold smell test of different ingredients and spices

Have fun! 



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