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10 Easter Egg Activities for the Family

2018-02-28 by Sara Zenner

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Here are some fun and easy activities to do with the kids this Easter!

As parents, I think we’re always looking for new activities to enjoy as a family, new ways to connect with our kids and opportunities to disconnect with all of the busyness that surrounds us. With Easter right around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some “egg-centric” activities today!

Grab the kiddos and talk through the activities together! Decide which one(s) sound like the most fun for your family, gather your supplies and get to it! Chances are you’re going to have so much fun, your activity could very likely become a new Easter tradition for your family! I can’t wait to hear which one(s) you picked!

1. Egg your neighbors.
No, no. It’s not what you think. Egging your neighbors is actually an act of kindness around Easter. Together as a family, fill a pail or basket with some Easter goodies, leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep. . .and run! Stacy from She’s Kinda Crafty shares her ideas and a fun printable card to go with your thoughtful gift. Kids will love the thrill of running away after the big drop off and it’s likely you’ll hear them giggling all the way home.

Here are some fun and easy activities to do with the kids this Easter!

2. Hunt for eggs in your pajamas.
It’s a good thing to keep the kids guessing and to surprise them with an activity that’s outside of their normal “bedtime routine.” Kristyn from Lil’ Luna took her family outside to hunt for glow in the dark Easter eggs as an evening activity. Her kids loved it, and so will yours!

3. Take a bath with an egg.
Gather up some plastic Easter eggs and make your own bath bombs. Add some edible sprinkles to make them more colorful, and watch the kids squeal with delight as the eggs pop and fizz in the bath, leaving nothing behind but a wonderful scent.

4. Create an Easter egg tree.
Tiffany from Peanut Blossom brought some spring into her family’s home by creating an Easter Egg Tree with the kids. Most of the decor she used for the tree were just odds and ends she already had on hand. Scour the house for your own decorations and create something together as a family you can display proudly!

5. Draw and color with eggs.
Get a lesson on how to make Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk from Cindy over at Skip to My Lou. Creating the chalk is pretty easy – it’s the waiting that can be a bit difficult (especially for the little ones). Once the eggs are ready, they’re so much fun to create and draw with. They’d be perfect little Easter gifts for your kiddos’ besties, too!

10 Easter Egg Activities For The Family

6. Decorate eggs for years to come.
Real eggs are certainly fun to decorate, but they have a short “shelf-life.” Try decorating some plastic eggs this year that can be enjoyed for years to come. Our family loves to decorate plastic eggs with colorful sprinkles, Epsom salts and stickers!

7. Study a naked egg.
Join Zina from Let’s Lasso the Moon as she walks you through a super fun science experiment called, The Naked Egg, you can do together as a family. Observe a vinegar-soaked egg in all its glory. Touch it, poke at it, even bounce it if you dare. You may want to take this one outside. 😉 You can check out more fun science experiments, here!

8. Make an egg into a planter.
Grab your gardening supplies and your Easter eggs and plant some seeds! Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons recommends starting the seed in the egg halves and then transferring them to larger pots later. The kids will love watching their seeds grow into plants!

9. Mail an egg.
Do what now? Did you know that you can mail plastic Easter eggs? You can, and Kids Activities Blog shows you how. This is just a chance to be silly and surprise your family and friends. Put a little note in the egg with a piece or two of candy, then wait for the phone call or text the day they receive it. Trust me, you WILL hear from them. 🙂

10. Go on a fitness egg hunt.
This isn’t just a normal egg hunt. An exercise is actually required after finding each egg. Super Healthy Kids suggests ending the hunt at the car and then taking the family somewhere fun as a reward. How about a trip to the local YMCA or playground to get a bit more activity in? Everyone is sure to sleep soundly come bedtime!

For more Easter fun, check out our All Things Easter roundup blog! We also have a fun BUNNY MAZE PRINTABLE and EASTER BUNNY PRINTABLE!

Oh, and hop down to our Easter Shop for tons of fun basket stuffers and sweet stuffed Easter friends!


Sara Zenner

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