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5 Methods for Memorizing the United States

2013-01-28 by Zina Harrington

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Does your child have difficulty learning all 50 of the United States? Our Blog Ambassador Zina Harrington shared a few resources over on Let’s Lasso the Moon, designed to help kids not only memorize the 50 states, but enjoy doing so, as well!

Methods of Memorizing the United States

She suggests:

Educational Puzzles

Using a U.S.A. Map puzzle, you can engage your child in a variety of fun, and educational, activities that will help them memorize the 50 states.  For example, if the puzzle has piece shaped like every state, try putting the U.S. together without the puzzle board!

Methods for Memorizing the United States


The age-old License Plate Game is just one of the many ways a child can start to memorize not only what the 50 states are, but where they are as well. Plus, it can lead to some lively discussions about where your kids (and you!) would like to travel!

Musical Melodies

A few weeks ago, we shared tips on creating a little jingle for the days of the week to help kids memorize the order in which they occur. The same concept applies for memorizing the United States as well!  Think of a little jingle to correspond with the states: You may be surprised at how catchy it can be!

For the full list of resources, read Zina’s entire post here.

What are your favorite ways to help kids memorize the 50 states? Share your favorite resources or tips with us on Facebook!


Zina Harrington

Zina is the author of Let’s Lasso the Moon and Becoming UnBusy, where she inspires parents and children to interact creatively and enjoy the beauty of everyday moments. Facebook | Pinterest | Blog | Instagram

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