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All Things Easter Roundup: Easter Crafts and Learning Fun!

2014-04-18 by Melissa & Doug

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We want to help you get ready to celebrate Easter and spring with this Easter roundup, packed with craft and activity ideas the family will love!

All Things Easter Roundup
Keep your kiddos busy this Easter season with a print-and-use Jelly Bean activity, or crafts even for the “un-craftiest” of moms!

So, HOP TO IT and read on…

•Colorful “Butterfly Garden” Easter Centerpieces

All Things Easter Roundup

“So easy. Plop it in. Bam. Done.”  That’s the kind of ease that Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott (Teach Mama) promises with this super-simple — yet ADORABLE — Butterfly Garden Centerpiece project. Busy parents will love the practical approach Amy takes with tips like weighting the garden pails down with your mixed-up, almost-on-the-outs play dough or re-using Easter grass left over from your kids’ Easter baskets. The best part? The Butterfly Pens that you create can be saved and re-used all year. (Or they make great gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week or Mother’s Day, too!) Learn how to build this colorful Butterfly-Pen Garden Centerpiece by clicking here.

•Sweet Learning Activities with Jelly Beans… and a FREE PRINTABLE

All Things Easter Roundup

Got a colorful glass dish of jelly beans on display at your house? Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador Zina Harrington (Lasso the Moon) recommends putting your pretty jellybeans to work this year. Get tips for building your kids’ math, sorting, estimating, and fine-motor skills with Zina’s FREE JELLY-BEAN-FUN PRINTABLE. She offers you all sorts of ways to sneak a little learning into your day (and a few jellybeans into your MOUTH!) by asking each other questions to solve like: “If I have 7 red jelly beans and I eat 4 of them, how many will I have left?” Get ideas for multiplication and division equations, too, in her post “Jelly Bean Fun.”

•Homemade “Flower Barrettes” to Compliment Any Easter Dress

All Things Easter Roundup

If your daughter isn’t an Easter Bonnet kind of girl, maybe she’ll love these gorgeous oversized flower barrettes — especially if she gets to pick out the perfect flower to match her Easter dress and make the barrette herself. In this 4-minute video tutorial, Blog Ambassador Amy Mascott (Teach Mama) walks you through how to make Flower Barrettes in no time flat. What girl doesn’t smile a little brighter with flowers in her hair? Watch Amy’s Flower Barrettes video tutorial here.

•Easter-Egg Potato Stamp Craft for Kids 

Val's Crafty Corner Last MAll Things Easter Roundupinute Easter Bookmarks

Blog Ambassador Valerie Deneen (Inner Child Fun) shows you how to make an Easter Egg stamp in a jiffy by cutting a small potato in half and having your child use a dull pencil to carve a pattern into it. Brilliant, right? (She doesn’t call it Val’s Crafty Corner for nuthin’!) Click here to get more tips from Valerie on how your little ones can use these kid-friendly Egg-Shaped Potato Stamps to create last-minute Easter bookmarks, cards, holiday decorations, and more!

Happy Easter!


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