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Kid Made Gifts for Grandparents

2015-09-10 by Melissa & Doug

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Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and love. ~Author Unknown

Grandparents fill a special role in a family. They help establish lifelong traditions, teach us important things about life, and demonstrate how to show love to others. In fact, it may be a grandparent’s loving hugs and laughter that we treasure most.

kid made gifts for grandparents family phoito

It’s natural for a child to give special things to the people they love. It may be as simple as a dandelion carefully plucked from the grass. But, one of the most precious gifts a child can give a grandparent (or a parent) is something they’ve lovingly made – on their own.

kid made gifts mess-free glitter craft

Grandparents like receiving a greeting card, or a picture of their grandchildren… and even more so if those things are decorated by their wonderful grandchild. Kid made gifts become the most beloved keepsakes… and it’s great for everyone if making those gifts doesn’t leave a mess behind!

At Melissa & Doug, we appreciate the sense of pride and accomplishment that young artists have when they can share a kid made gift with their loved ones. That’s part of the beauty of our Press-On Rhinestones frames. Not only does each kit come with everything needed to make two glittery and beautiful picture frames, but it’s truly mess-free and can be used nearly anywhere (even on the car ride to grandma and grandpa’s). No muss, no fuss, and the results are stunning!

The only way to make this gift better, is by placing a special photo into the frame.

Kid Made Gifts for Grandparents Day


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