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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

2013-04-06 by Melissa & Doug

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Our blog ambassador Valerie from Inner Child Fun made these sweet jewelry dish keepsakes with her daughter recently. These are a quick, easy and useful item that boys and girls can make for Mom as a Mother’s Day gift!

Mother's Day Gift Idea Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mother's Day Keepsake

To make your own jewelry dish, you will need oven bake clay, the Melissa & Doug alphabet stamp set, a rolling pin, and a muffin tin. Roll out the clay as you would a sheet of cookie dough, and use a round object as a guide to cut the clay (an empty large yogurt container works well for this). Invite your child over to stamp “Mom” onto the clay, or to use other Melissa & Doug stamps as desired. Position the clay on top of a flipped over muffin tin, and bake according to the clay’s instructions. Allow to cool completely. Paint, if desired. Allow the paint to dry completely.

See Valerie’s kid-made jewelry dish photos and full post HERE, plus other great crafts and activities for kids, over at Inner Child Fun!


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